For ZLR Betriebsimperium, jewellery is an excellent means of communication to raise public awareness on issues of consumerism, terrorism, pornography, spirituality, animal rights, historical consciousness, environmental policies, identity and the destructive politics used to treat the "Greek crisis".

We love the experience of playing and experimenting with materials, of combining synthetic trash with vintage precious stones or use industrial techniques along with traditional hand work.

ZLR Betriebsimperium jewellery is made of plastic, textile, aluminum foil, tin, paper, etc.

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A short film about jewelry, textile art, sculpture and performance in a video inspired by the Roman Saturnalia feast.

The doric Arcadian landscape is reflected in the visual language of the film scenes. Movement, dance and costumes are based on Roman murals and Byzantine manuscripts. The video was filmed 2020 in Leonidio, Greece.

"Jewellery For Real People"

What does jewellery mean to you? A simple question that can open doors for social communication.

This short video from 2019 presents a series of interviews made with locals and tourists in the small town of Leonidio, Greece.

"A Decalogue"

Ten answers to the question of how to fund your own art project

A manifesto containing statements about how ZLR Betriebsimperium works and designs their concepts for art and exhibition projects. The video was filmed in Leonidio, Greece.